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The process of coaching starts with greeting and creating rapport to allow for the client to feel comfortable with the entire process. In this process, the coach needs to assure that all information in the entire session will be treated as confidential and to mention the duration of the session. This is important, so that the client feels secured and he is aware of the time frame of the session.

The coach will then continue the session by using the coaching model that he is familiar with. The intention is to explore the potentials, possibilities, strategies and plans that are kept in the mind of the clients. The whole coaching process is simplified in the following MASNI Model coaching process diagram. This model is designed for the purpose of improvement and development; thus, the output will be a set of actions plans that need to be carried out by the client.

The third process is the closing section whereby the coach needs to ensure client’s understanding of the entire coaching process from this goal, options, strategies, consequences and action plans. The client must be able to summarize the session in his own words and finally explaining his commitment level on implementing his action plans.

The diagram explains the process in a simple manner; and coaches are able to use any tools they familiar within the coaching process to assist them especially whenever the client is stuck and unable to respond to questions.

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