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  • Masni Mustafa

Coaching Tool : Drawing

There are various kinds of drawing that a coach can use to make the coaching session more interesting. Drawing helps the client to chance upon an insight which is more exploratory and meaningful. What is it about drawing? Drawing allows the mind to wonder and think creatively, the client is tapping onto her subconscious mind to come out with a drawing to describe an issue or event that has been in his mind for a long time.

You do not need to be a certified therapist to get your client to draw and talk about what they had drawn. It is an easy and exciting tool to used both for the client and the coach. The coach can ask about the shape, the environment or anything about what the client had drawn. This sometimes is much better than asking questions. The coach needs to promote the exploratory and the journey in the drawing for the client to further understand the choices that they had made. What they had drawn as practically the images that they have in their brain perhaps it is stored there for a long time. The coach needs to ignite that realisation and bring them forward.

Do not push the client to draw, give him time to think or let him close his eyes or take a deep breath.

Example questions/instructions:

a) If you could draw, how would the scenery/situation look like when you are completely at peace?

b) How would you draw your feelings being in this situation? Please explain to me about this picture.

c) Draw how would success look to you?

d) Just be calm and draw what comes to your mind when I say describe your feelings at this moment.

The use of colour in the drawing will also give a significant impact to your coaching session. You may ask the client to draw and colour his drawing. From this exercise a coach can ask further about the colour preference of the client. Each colour has different meaning to a person; and it interacts differently to a person's mood, motivation and experience.

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