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Coaching Tool : Wheel of Life

1. Wheel of Life

Wheel of life or wheel of well-being is among the favourite tools used by coaches due to its simplicity and availability. A coach can either draw his own wheel of life template or download from the internet. It is easy to use and interesting. Sometimes, it even opens a new perspective to the coaches.

E.g. of Wheel of Life

The coach can use the wheel of life by asking coachee to put rating from 0-10. The wheel can be a blank wheel and the coachee is to decide what is important in his life. Thus, he will have time to reflect what is important and start to think about it. The coach can also give a wheel that has all the elements such as above and can straight away ask the coachee to rate the elements. It depends on the coach when he wants to use the tool and whether he has the time to let the coachee explore all the possibilities or important things in his life. The reason is basically to help the coachee when he is stuck or do not know what to think in the session. Wheel of life can give a great impact to the coachee and create a new awareness in his perspective towards certain things in his life.

Example Instructions:

a) Think of the most important aspects of your life and write them down in the respective column.

b) Put a scale from 1 – 10 in each column and write the number you are at now.

Example questions:

a) What makes this aspect important in your life?

b) What is a good number for you?

c) What do you think you can do to shift the number from x to y?

d) What are the challenges that you would face should you move from x to y?

e) Who can help you to improve in this area?

f) What are the resources and tools that you need to help you improve in this area?

g) How do you know if you have achieved it?

h) Can you list down what you can do to achieve this?

i) What makes you think you are low in this area?

j) How do you describe your feelings when you start doing this exercise?

k) Do you have a role model in this area?

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