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  • Masni Mustafa

Coaching Tools

In order to make the session more achievable, sometimes a coach needs to have certain tools to assist him whenever the client is stuck and unable to respond to his questions. On paper and in practical session, it is much easier for the coach. However, in real situations, there are clients who refuse to talk or even to think to the questions being asked. As we are aware, a coach must not give solutions or advices to the client. The client must be able to express his thoughts and concerns. Tools will help the clients see in this quest.

Refer to the diagram the tools can be used during any segment of the coaching session, for example when the client is not to describe his goal for the session, rather than the coach keep trying to ask different kind of questions, or letting the pause or silence becomes too long, the coach may resort to apply any of the tools familiar to him. It may be the means to end an or it may be a way to spark the conversation. Whatever, the coach intends to use it for, coaching tool can assist the coach in any way throughout the session.

No doubt powerful questions are by itself a coaching tool but there are other methods that can be employed as coaching tools and can be whenever necessary. This book will explore some of the useful coaching tools that can be used in coaching sessions.

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